Panoramic Elevator

Panoramic Elevator

One of the most prestigious types of elevators products are panoramic elevators. They can be located in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants and homes.

Panoramic elevator – an essential element to the architectural design of the building. These lifts are installed in order to revive the architectural ensemble and make it more stylish and attractive for visual perception.

  • Smooth run and improved accuracy of – stop
  • Comfortable cabin and reduced noise level
  • Vandalism-proof control panels and calling posts with illumination
  • Indicators of the movement direction and cabin position
  • Microprocessor-based control station
  • Frequency regulator of the winch and door drive speed
  • LED lighting
  • Indication of the cabin overload


Panoramic Elevator

Because of glass walls they offer great visual pleasure to their users. And also, by the reason that the person/persons may see the outside of the elevator cabin as traveling, they are more relaxing if comparing with the others and they are restful for the persons who are afraid of elevators.

As considering posture of construction, the models of panoramic elevators may be of structure in round, square, triangular etc.

The elevators can be equipped additionally with:

  • Mirror
  • Ventilators
  • Light barrier at the cabin doors
  • Indication display of the cabin location and overload with voice message
  • Access restriction device (mechanical or electronic key)
  • Non-standard designation of the stops
  • LCD display of indication of the cabin location and overload with voice message
  • Buttons with Braille alphabet
  • System of passenger’s evacuation
  • Video surveillance in the cabin
  • Digital curtain