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Observation Elevator

Observation Elevator

The harmony of advanced technology, unique design and sophisticated atmosphere. Ingress Elevators observation elevator enriches the moving experience with spectacular views and a comfortable ambience.

Apart from being the centre of attraction the observation elevator plays a key role in beautification of spaces such as malls, cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, residential apartments, and other commercial establishments where the outside view can enhance the overall experience of customers and lead to higher footfalls as well as increase the time spent at the establishment.

With diverse options for an observation window with one, two, three sides or semi-circular or a key whole type window, Ingress Elevator adds a whole new dimension to luxury. A hoist way can be installed outside the building, thus bypassing the need to occupy space within the building.


  • Advance VVVF drive for door operation and safety feature of over speed protective device.
  • In case of emergency, the light has a function to alarm the passengers
  • A situation like power cut-out the auto-leveling with the ground floor.
  • Elevator capability of Self-diagnosis of the breakdown
  • Digital indicator for Floor position and direction indicator in car and landings.